In Search Of...

I am not typically a winner, as far as contests go.

Recently, I got hooked on the TBS dark comedy, Search Party, a reverse effect of winning my first-ever Instagram contest. Kudos TBS and Will Leather Goods for successful marketing strategy - lol! What I won was a darling leather pouch that you'll see below! It has a handy wristlet with some great fringe on the end chain - it's perfect for little outings or casual nights out.

I realize I have not posted in a while. I'm working on getting back into good, regular habits again, now that the holidays are over! I also realized this is my second post in a row wearing my favorite little yellow beret - oopsy, please forgive, but you can only best wear a beret during the fall and winter anyway. My cowgirl boots have kept up well, and reminded me of the cool-casual style of the west that the clutch gives off.

Will Leather

Goods x

Search Party

WHAT I'M WEARING/aside from the aforementioned clutch?

  1. Luxe Rachel Zoe Belted Wrap Cape - found mine at the Brooklyn Flea, but was able to find the same cut online, just in a different color.
  2. Shepler's cowgirl boots - authentic and a wild array of styles! I've had mine for about 10 years (still in top shape), and they add a versatile, whimsical western flair to so many types of outfits.
  3. Lightweight Check Wool and Silk Scarf by Burberry.
  4. Jeans, from the best variety of wallet-friendly selection of tall-girl jeans shop via Alloy Apparel.
  5. MAC lipstick in color Pink Pigeon, which is exactly like Candy Yum-Yum, so I've heard.
  6. Fierce Beret - in case you forgot from my previous post ;) by Valfré.

What's the best contest you have ever won?

More importantly - have you watched Search Party? Ben and I just finished Season Two. I laugh SO hard and cannot wait for the next season!

Hope 2018 is off to a swell start for all you lovelies! Look forward to reading your comments!

XO Lauren

Lauren A. Oosterlinck and Ben Edwards, Copyright 2018

Must See in NYC/Just in Time for Halloween!

Beware of the "demon barber of Fleet Street" - SWEENEY TODD is slicing not only hot pies in the West Village, now through February 28th, 2018 at the Barrow Street Theatre. I had not seen Sweeney Todd live before, only since Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter starred as the gruesome twosome on the silver screen 10 years ago (has it really been that long?? ;)). As much as I love both actors in that rendition, I have to say that this new Off-Broadway theatrical version at Barrow Street blew me and Ben away! 

This isn't your typical musical. The theatre at Barrow Street has been completely converted into a replica of famous London pie & mash shop, Harringtons - giving the immersive musical some extra authentic flavor. Yes, the show is immersive - and that is all I am going to say. :) Prior to each show, chef Bill Yosses (former White House executive Pastry Chef - now owner of Perfect Pie, LIC) serves guests special meat or veggie pie & mash up to 30 minutes prior to showtime. Note, you must order tickets *including pre-show pie & mash (with a drink) in order to partake - but I urge you to do so, because they are delish (Yosses used to serve the president!) and having pie makes the experience that much more a riot.


Pies by Bill Yosses!

It's pretty exciting to be served by an ex-presidential chef, imho! The pies are yummy and the pie shop doubles as the shows set! Go for both, thank me later. Sorry - no eels. :)

I went for the meat (chicken - not human ;)) pie - and included the option of a wine, beer, water. I went for vino, of course - that was also good!

MORE HOT PIES! Did I mention how incredible this show is?! If you can be in NYC anytime between now and the end of February, GO SEE THIS SHOW! ** There's a daily ticket lottery, BTW** It is a creepy and wonderful joy (opposites attract), and it could also make for a really great date - bonus, for Halloween or Valentines.

K. Now onto What I Wore - I love to dress for a theme, you know. ;)

In the "Harringtons," the Sweeney set, where we dined before the show.

In honor of the show and Halloween, I styled myself in a dark, edgy, steam-punk way.


  1. Blouse - Nasty Gal - no one can beat their styles and prices right now
  2. Black harness strappy bralette - F21 - hands-down best shop price/value for this trend
  3. Skinny leather pant - Rag+Bone
  4. Magic mermaid clutch/pouch - Style Lab by way of Paper Source
  5. Boots - SHEIN 


  1. Eyeshadow - Top lids used Urban Decay Moondust Palette - Galaxy shade; Red bottom winged outer corners used NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights - Red eyeshadow; Inner corners used Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner (jumbo) - #18 Silver Glitter.
  2. Cheek color - Mary Kay limited edition Baked Cheek Powder in Kind Heart - it is a blush + highlighter - proceeds benefit women's shelters and those effected by domestic abuse.
  3. Highlighter (just to mix it up ;)) TrèStiQ Perfect Multipurpose Highlight Stick.
  4. Lipstick - MAC - Stone

What are you being for Halloween, BTW? As always, I love to read and respond to your comments. Thanks for stopping in!

XO Lauren

All photos by Lauren A. Oosterlinck + Ben Edwards ©2017 ShesLaurenAshley

SNEAK PEEK at Hottest Pool in NYC Now. Get In.

The hottest pool to get into this summer in NYC is The Pool (lounge and dining room) within recently opened, The Grill, by dining power team, Major Food Group. Thanks to the generosity of the MFG team, my hubby Ben and his colleague, Eleanor, along with myself, were among the fortunate few able to experience the Pool Lounge before its official opening, tomorrow - July 19th, so I wanted to share it with you. The same legendary Pool Room 2.0, of the former Four Seasons Restaurant space inside of the Seagram Building, is changed ever-so-slightly by decor only, and is now a seafood restaurant by chef and MFG partner, Rich Torrisi.

Eleanor and I, at The Grill entrance dolled-up and giddy to check out this landmark space. Photo by Ben Edwards (please excuse poor image quality due to extremely low-light, etc).

The view as you prepare to enter the glorious Pool. Plant wall goals...

Behold, now we enter The Pool and its Lounge - this is the first time the mezzanine lounge will be used without a private party requirement - oh, how exciting.

Table delicacies.

We tried several crudités and small plates, but many dishes were unavailable by the time of our seating, unfortunately - just means we will have to return soon for dinner! We did enjoy a cocktail or two, and those were gorgeous - inside and out! ;) Below, you'll see (in order of appearance scrolling down) 1st The Cherry cocktail, all 3 of our cocktails together, some crudités paired with adorable seafood-themed dish, The Mango cocktail, The Watermelon cocktail, and my glass of champagne (I was amazed by how thin the stem of that glass was, haha).

The Pool Lounge bar is so striking and elegant. The cocktails are fresh and delightful!

Playing "selfie" in the hallway and bathroom mirrors. Outfit details below.

We stayed late enough to get a shot of the Pool cleared out - hooray!

One of the most luxe, striking bars I've ever seen, within The Grill. The two images below are in the same dining room - the famed dessert trays, in the style of The Four Seasons restaurant.

For a "bourgie," wowza night out, 1950s New York-style, with the MFG flare, I would say GO HERE ASAP. Both The Grill and The Pool are separately accepting reservations now - each with new own new menus. I have an inkling both places are going to be mobbed for reservations for a while, so plan wisely - in advance! Apologies again for the poor image quality in this post - as we were not allowed to shoot with a DSLR during operating hours and the lighting was turned way down low.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Dress - H&M (last summer)
  2. Heels - Consignment find

Happy eating, drinking, and shopping, my friends!

XO Lauren

All images and video are by Lauren A. Oosterlinck and Ben Edwards, 2017.