Must See in NYC/Just in Time for Halloween!

Beware of the "demon barber of Fleet Street" - SWEENEY TODD is slicing not only hot pies in the West Village, now through February 28th, 2018 at the Barrow Street Theatre. I had not seen Sweeney Todd live before, only since Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter starred as the gruesome twosome on the silver screen 10 years ago (has it really been that long?? ;)). As much as I love both actors in that rendition, I have to say that this new Off-Broadway theatrical version at Barrow Street blew me and Ben away! 

This isn't your typical musical. The theatre at Barrow Street has been completely converted into a replica of famous London pie & mash shop, Harringtons - giving the immersive musical some extra authentic flavor. Yes, the show is immersive - and that is all I am going to say. :) Prior to each show, chef Bill Yosses (former White House executive Pastry Chef - now owner of Perfect Pie, LIC) serves guests special meat or veggie pie & mash up to 30 minutes prior to showtime. Note, you must order tickets *including pre-show pie & mash (with a drink) in order to partake - but I urge you to do so, because they are delish (Yosses used to serve the president!) and having pie makes the experience that much more a riot.


Pies by Bill Yosses!

It's pretty exciting to be served by an ex-presidential chef, imho! The pies are yummy and the pie shop doubles as the shows set! Go for both, thank me later. Sorry - no eels. :)

I went for the meat (chicken - not human ;)) pie - and included the option of a wine, beer, water. I went for vino, of course - that was also good!

MORE HOT PIES! Did I mention how incredible this show is?! If you can be in NYC anytime between now and the end of February, GO SEE THIS SHOW! ** There's a daily ticket lottery, BTW** It is a creepy and wonderful joy (opposites attract), and it could also make for a really great date - bonus, for Halloween or Valentines.

K. Now onto What I Wore - I love to dress for a theme, you know. ;)

In the "Harringtons," the Sweeney set, where we dined before the show.

In honor of the show and Halloween, I styled myself in a dark, edgy, steam-punk way.


  1. Blouse - Nasty Gal - no one can beat their styles and prices right now
  2. Black harness strappy bralette - F21 - hands-down best shop price/value for this trend
  3. Skinny leather pant - Rag+Bone
  4. Magic mermaid clutch/pouch - Style Lab by way of Paper Source
  5. Boots - SHEIN 


  1. Eyeshadow - Top lids used Urban Decay Moondust Palette - Galaxy shade; Red bottom winged outer corners used NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights - Red eyeshadow; Inner corners used Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner (jumbo) - #18 Silver Glitter.
  2. Cheek color - Mary Kay limited edition Baked Cheek Powder in Kind Heart - it is a blush + highlighter - proceeds benefit women's shelters and those effected by domestic abuse.
  3. Highlighter (just to mix it up ;)) TrèStiQ Perfect Multipurpose Highlight Stick.
  4. Lipstick - MAC - Stone

What are you being for Halloween, BTW? As always, I love to read and respond to your comments. Thanks for stopping in!

XO Lauren

All photos by Lauren A. Oosterlinck + Ben Edwards ©2017 ShesLaurenAshley

Neverending Glam Story.

Ok - not never ending, but rather based on one of the best '80s movies ...

Recently, my husband and I went to a summer outdoor film screening in Prospect Park, Brooklyn of one of my favorite movies ever from childhood, The Neverending Story. It was wonderful - the nostalgia, the weather, and shared joy of the movie by fellow fans. I felt inspired to do a themed look based on the dear movie, and thought I'd share the details with you! Watch through until the last couple minutes of my movie so you'll catch a clip of the Childlike Empress herself, an all-grown-up Tami Stronach, introducing the film to us in the park that evening. It's kind of scary how time flies - have fun with the makeup and accessories while you can!

What's on my face?
1. Urban Decay Moondust Palette - color: Galaxy (so appropriate ;))
2. MAC lipstick in Stone (looks more grey IRL)
3. Urban Decay VICE Special Effects Long-Lasting Water Resistant Lip Topcoat in Reverb
What I'm wearing:
1. Headband from the W Store (online only)
2. Necklace by Athinalabella on Etsy
3. Ring by Spell Designs (online or boutique in Australia)

I sure geek out on this film and beauty products! Let me know what you think! I always respond to comments and love to hear from you. 

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XO Lauren


Images and video by Lauren A. Oosterlinck, 2017.

Thrifty Eyebrow HACK!

Welcome back, beauty addicts! So glad you stopped by!! :) 

This week, I wanted to share a little eyebrow color HACK I've been doing for a while now. I feel like is so handy I had to share it. This enables you to fill in your eyebrow color to match however you wish, without having to purchase different eyebrow kits or liners, etc. If you already have eyeshadows that match the color of your desire and an eyebrow brush, then you're good to go! My hope is that you can save money by using products you already have and look fabulous. 


Use your tool arsenal.

Too simple, right?

What's on my face?
1. Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Stone (for my current color here) but use whatever color or eyeshadow that works best for you.

2. (not on my face exactly, lol) Using the Mary Kay Eyeliner/Eyebrow Brush - my brush collection go-to. 

Try this and let me know what you think! I always respond to comments and love to hear from others. 

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Hope to see you next time!!
Peace and blessings.
XO Lauren

All images and video by Lauren A. Oosterlinck.

Lip Monthly June 2017 in Review!

Heya, beauty lovers!
Here is my Lip Monthly June 2017 Review. Personally, this bag is a worthy improvement over the May bag! This collection of cosmetics is more versatile in several ways than the previous LM bag, with a couple of items I really love. I was actually able to create an very well-rounded make-up look with the products in this bag - YAY. :)

2017-06-30 10.21.36 1.jpg



(in order of their appearance in this video :))
1. Steve Laurant Lipgloss (in Aurora - hot yet pale pink)
2. Cargo Cosmetics Blush (bronzer)
3. Seraphine Botanicals Lip Crayon Long-lasting Velvet Lip/Cheek Crayon (in Quince + Crimson)
4. Model Co Lip Crayon (in Red Velvet - very fitting name)

I hope this helps any of you who may be on the fence on whether or not to join or UNsubscribe from LM. Plus, as a bonus in this video I also added a lip stain removal hack - so you'll want to catch that to best pamper your pucker. ;)

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THANK YOU so much for tuning in! I hope you enjoy this video review, and to see you next time!
XO Lauren

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All images and video by Lauren A. Oosterlinck