Miss Dreamlands at The Whitney?

I dragged myself out to the Meatpacking District alone one particularly frigid February day, not so long ago, hyped to make my way into the Whitney Museum before the limited exhibition Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016, was gone. I made it, and thankfully bought my ticket a day in advanced (the minimum possibility), as just getting through the doors was a feat - lines stretched around the block that Saturday (and it was FREEZING), so this cinematic art must be good, I thought.

The clip below was inside of one of the most buzzed-about works of art within the entire exhibit.

This installation Factory of the Sun (below) seemed most popular - the room it was held within was huge, so allowed for the most people inside for viewing (awesome for the big crowds). It was an interesting piece, but went above my head. I could not make sense of it all, from the 15 minutes or so I could stay to watch the various combined clips inside of the black, glowing room. It reminded me of some sort of an anime disco party video game. Enjoy!

Below, is a slideshow of my favorite points of interest from this exhibit.

I had extra time, so I explored a bit of Whitney's 6th floor. The slideshow below shows pieces from Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney's Collection, some of the portraits that I found most striking (artists L-R: Julian Schnabel, Robert Colescott, David Salle).

Due to potential crowds, I strongly suggest ordering your Whitney tickets a day prior to when you want to go (that's what I did, WHEW). Although Dreamlands is finished, the 2017 Biennial is going on now through June 11th, so I hope you can catch it!

Thanks for stopping by!


All photos and video featured c/o Lauren A. Oosterlinck