DIY Mission: Ben's Birthday Surprise!

Dazzling your beloved with an unexpected, yet heartfelt birthday gift is not always easy. In fact, the longer you are together, the harder it can become - especially when you both "have everything you want."

In my case this year, we had already done a joint birthday gift of getting concert tickets to see one of our favorite bands, Radiohead - but, still I had to give him something on his actual birthday. We are on a budget currently, and I know it's a bit cliche, but guys can really be tough to buy for - my dad certainly is. 

Then, it came to me: DIY. For over a year, Ben had been casually asking me to draw on an old guitar of his, and all this time it had gone by the wayside. Finally, this was the perfect opportunity to surprise him - a handcrafted, personalized, revamped guitar. I sneakily drew on his guitar using permanent Sharpies whenever he wasn't home. Here's a time lapse of the process, condensed from about 6 hours.

A happy birthday boy - HOORAY!!! Even though we live in a pretty small apartment, he still had no idea I was doing this (it was sitting in our living room, covered under a sheet, HA).

Thankfully, Ben was beyond thrilled with the surprise artsy guitar. We made a silly video of us lip syncing (me badly pretending to play guitar - Ben playing for real lol) to The Beatles' "Birthday" song, but the Copyright to this song restricts it from being posted on YouTube - lame. You can find a version of it on my Insta if you scroll down.

I hope this motivates and inspires any of you who may need gift ideas on a budget. :) Contact me if you are interested in commissioning an illustration or painting. I want create more art again, and see where that goes. Peace + blessings.

XO Lauren