Lip Monthly June 2017 in Review!

Heya, beauty lovers!
Here is my Lip Monthly June 2017 Review. Personally, this bag is a worthy improvement over the May bag! This collection of cosmetics is more versatile in several ways than the previous LM bag, with a couple of items I really love. I was actually able to create an very well-rounded make-up look with the products in this bag - YAY. :)

2017-06-30 10.21.36 1.jpg



(in order of their appearance in this video :))
1. Steve Laurant Lipgloss (in Aurora - hot yet pale pink)
2. Cargo Cosmetics Blush (bronzer)
3. Seraphine Botanicals Lip Crayon Long-lasting Velvet Lip/Cheek Crayon (in Quince + Crimson)
4. Model Co Lip Crayon (in Red Velvet - very fitting name)

I hope this helps any of you who may be on the fence on whether or not to join or UNsubscribe from LM. Plus, as a bonus in this video I also added a lip stain removal hack - so you'll want to catch that to best pamper your pucker. ;)

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Faux Hawk Updo Tutorial

Make a dirty hair day extraordinary with this easy, edgy up-do, that is great for short and long hair!
You can work out or get glamorous with this hairstyle.
Starting with a top knot, create cascading, connected buns that result in a unique faux hawk look - which I'll demonstrate in this hair tutorial.

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To Lip Monthly? Beauty review.

Who subscribes to Lip Monthly?!
... I DO! ...

It's been a couple of months, so I wanted to commiserate on the pros & cons of Lip Monthly, and the latest May '17 bag.

The May '17 Lip Monthly bag contains:
1. "Sublime" Ultra-Luxe Longwear Lip Pencil by Starlooks cosmetics
***Below are the products I review in this video***

2. City Color cosmetics Dual Lip Wand in Blush 
3. Bang Beauty lip gloss in Rosie
4. Luna by Luna cosmetics Eyeshadow Crayon in Gemini

I was pleasantly surprised to find the eyeshadow crayon in this latest LM bag, even though this is a LIP bag, lol. The shimmery golden shade is pretty, but unfortunately, the ($18 retail priced) crayon creased off every time I wore it (tried around my eyes and as a highlighter) - zero staying power. I cannot use it.

What also disturbs me about the products in this bag are that the products generally do not seem high quality, as LM advertises. Of the products in this May bag, the City Color duo lip wand 'Blush' product could not be found on their website, at the time of this post - strange (methinks it is discontinued, still)... I searched for a legit website for Bang, but not to be found. Ok ... so are they sending us reject, defunct products for the low, low price of $12/month?? 

I am interested to hear what my fellow LM subscribers think about these products, and LM in general. I hope LM improves their products (without raising the price), and this helps shed some light on whether or not you want to subscribe.
Regardless of my thoughts, I hope you all are enjoying your May bag, and received it in a timely manner!

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