Luxe at the Libertine Show: NYFW SS17

OMG FTW?!! Intense black eyeliner, popping color everywhere, Brit icons (particularly the Queen Elizabeth II, herself), fuzzy neon shoes, sparkles ... lots of NEON. It was all too cool for school. Oh, right - yep, that was also the cosmetic line paired up with the show, Too Cool for School - which is rad, IMO. Irreverent, kitschy boldness are the main words that come to mind when thinking of this show and collection by Libertine.

Too Cool For School kept created a harsh, bold yet simple make-up look, as you can see on this model - she had a moody, sultry look I love.

Get prepared for LOTS of color ... NOW.

CND blew minds with the manis for this collection. Here, co-founder, Jan Arnold, tells us about the vision behind the extreme nail bling (catch the video below). She was also too cool. Obsessed with the eye rings on her fingers!

We put together what we call the ‘split-style manicure’... We’re promoting wearing a high-clashing contrast of color, texture, or color and texture. One look on one hand, a different look on the other hand. One is soft, one is hard. One is matte, one is shiny.
— Jan Arnold, co-founder CND.

Dream nails, all hand-painted and sculpted. Incredible talent. The titles for each combination is hilarious, too. The topmost left are my favorite "split style" mani combo (like Jan) - which would you choose?

It was marvelous to witness all the pieces of the show coming together, from hurried behind-the-scenes glamour prep to the models all dressed, getting photographed, ready for the runway.

Neon fluff shoes and this jacket were standout pieces from the menswear collection. I want the jacket! I would absolutely love to see a man wearing the shoes, legit, outside of Fashion Week.

Down the rabbit hole in a world of outlandish nails - I LOVE.

Last minute prep - as you can see by now, the hair was very messy, with a grunge look. My favorite aspect of this look is tough for me to articulate, but the suit is especially great as a juxtaposition of whimsical pattern with structural tailoring of the suit itself, although, I love those fluffy rainbow, pom-pom sandals.

I wish I could have gotten a better angle for more and better footage of the show. As the models weaved around the catwalk, it was a visual feast - particularly when (a male model I had not seen backstage) appeared wearing only a top paired with fuzzy neon slippers, a shoulder bag, and - get this - a pair of 'tighty-whities' adorned on the crotch with, what appeared to be a small sequined open mouth (similar to the Rolling Stones logo), spewing white beaded fringe. Scandalous. A bit of humorous shock value can create a splash amongst the fashionable crowd - I'm still talking about it.

Photography and video by Lauren A. Oosterlinck