Must See in NYC/Just in Time for Halloween!

Beware of the "demon barber of Fleet Street" - SWEENEY TODD is slicing not only hot pies in the West Village, now through February 28th, 2018 at the Barrow Street Theatre. I had not seen Sweeney Todd live before, only since Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter starred as the gruesome twosome on the silver screen 10 years ago (has it really been that long?? ;)). As much as I love both actors in that rendition, I have to say that this new Off-Broadway theatrical version at Barrow Street blew me and Ben away! 

This isn't your typical musical. The theatre at Barrow Street has been completely converted into a replica of famous London pie & mash shop, Harringtons - giving the immersive musical some extra authentic flavor. Yes, the show is immersive - and that is all I am going to say. :) Prior to each show, chef Bill Yosses (former White House executive Pastry Chef - now owner of Perfect Pie, LIC) serves guests special meat or veggie pie & mash up to 30 minutes prior to showtime. Note, you must order tickets *including pre-show pie & mash (with a drink) in order to partake - but I urge you to do so, because they are delish (Yosses used to serve the president!) and having pie makes the experience that much more a riot.


Pies by Bill Yosses!

It's pretty exciting to be served by an ex-presidential chef, imho! The pies are yummy and the pie shop doubles as the shows set! Go for both, thank me later. Sorry - no eels. :)

I went for the meat (chicken - not human ;)) pie - and included the option of a wine, beer, water. I went for vino, of course - that was also good!

MORE HOT PIES! Did I mention how incredible this show is?! If you can be in NYC anytime between now and the end of February, GO SEE THIS SHOW! ** There's a daily ticket lottery, BTW** It is a creepy and wonderful joy (opposites attract), and it could also make for a really great date - bonus, for Halloween or Valentines.

K. Now onto What I Wore - I love to dress for a theme, you know. ;)

In the "Harringtons," the Sweeney set, where we dined before the show.

In honor of the show and Halloween, I styled myself in a dark, edgy, steam-punk way.


  1. Blouse - Nasty Gal - no one can beat their styles and prices right now
  2. Black harness strappy bralette - F21 - hands-down best shop price/value for this trend
  3. Skinny leather pant - Rag+Bone
  4. Magic mermaid clutch/pouch - Style Lab by way of Paper Source
  5. Boots - SHEIN 


  1. Eyeshadow - Top lids used Urban Decay Moondust Palette - Galaxy shade; Red bottom winged outer corners used NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights - Red eyeshadow; Inner corners used Sephora Collection Colorful Shadow & Liner (jumbo) - #18 Silver Glitter.
  2. Cheek color - Mary Kay limited edition Baked Cheek Powder in Kind Heart - it is a blush + highlighter - proceeds benefit women's shelters and those effected by domestic abuse.
  3. Highlighter (just to mix it up ;)) TrèStiQ Perfect Multipurpose Highlight Stick.
  4. Lipstick - MAC - Stone

What are you being for Halloween, BTW? As always, I love to read and respond to your comments. Thanks for stopping in!

XO Lauren

All photos by Lauren A. Oosterlinck + Ben Edwards ©2017 ShesLaurenAshley

In-Between (Seasons).

The toughest time to dress is in-between seasons - for me, at least. Dressing in layers is the tactical advice, but not always comfortable, say, if it's chilly when you leave home in the dawn of morning, yet bulky to tote around your warm layers the rest of the day, once the heat has set in. I've found a full skirt and a tee combo to be a stylish, fun (spinning and swooshing in fluffy skirts), comfortable way to dress during the in-between seasons, when the weather is particularly lukewarm.

Skirt swooshing, especially with pockets - good for Spring or Autumn days.



You can accessorize to dress your outfit up or dress it more casually as needed!

What I'm Wearing?

  1. Fender tee - vintage
  2. Necklace - NY & Co. ** Currently having a mega jewelry sale with lots of cute statement necklaces and chokers (as of 9/5/17)
  3. Printed Midi Skirt - Chic Wish
  4. Ankle Booties - Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
  5. Tote Bag - Ted Baker

May your wardrobe be inspired for these lovely, unpredictable months ahead!


Photos and writing by Lauren A. Oosterlinck + Ben Edwards ©2017

Drawn to Diti's Designs.

Diti Loves is a unique NEW handmade accessory line based in India, selling for a limited time in NYC. Diti Mistry is the woman behind the whimsical creations you'll see below in this Q+A with the young designer.

I am so flattered Diti wanted me to help her by modeling her awesome pieces! It must have been meant-to-be because she made this necklace - one of my favorites - before ever meeting me, with my newly-dyed purple hair! The image is illustrated by Diti, double sided - what do you think is one the flip side?

I was drawn to Diti while attending a pop-up store opening party (a few posts ago: The Bowery Bond), not knowing she was one of the designers featured that night (and ongoing) in the store. Demure and unassuming, Diti was wearing an unforgettable Frida Kahlo pin, which I immediately had to compliment (who doesn't love Frida?). We exchanged details that night. Shortly thereafter, she asked if I would model her accessories for her online store - obviously, I was delighted to oblige!
I am excited to share a bit of Diti's story, along with her beautiful, eye-catching pieces in this Q+A (via email) between myself and Ms. Mistry - enjoy, and don't forget to check out her one-of-a-kind accessories online or in NYC.

What or who has inspired you to design jewelry+accessories?

I was interning in a Design house in South India as a content writer. They design beautiful clothes and fabric. I started collecting waste fabric over there and making head gears for myself and my friends. My workplace inspired me a lot. I became more conscious of the surrounding and started designing and stitching.


Jute + eco-friendly

materials make up the majority of sources Diti utilizes to create the accessories in her line. After ideation, it typically takes her 3-4 hours to construct each piece.

What materials do you use - and why did you choose them as your aesthetic?

I started with just fabric and beads. Currently, I'm experimenting with different kinds of Jute, and also canvas to make my illustration part of the jewelry. To be honest... fabric is everywhere. I start sourcing from my house and then step out... Jute is much lighter and playful. 

How old were you when you first started creating jewelry+accessories?

I remember as a kid I used burn plastic bangles and twist wire and make them into earrings. But it was in my first internship, when I was 22 that I started creating these. And now I'm planning to take it much more seriously.

What is your favorite style of jewelry to wear? And, are there any particular designers you love?

"I remember as a kid I used burn plastic bangles

and twist wire, and make them into earrings."                          - Diti Mistry

I love to shop at flea markets and explore different artists and designers. My jewelry style is quite bohemian. Currently I'm crushing over Eleanor Bolton's designs, London based jewelry designer.

What do you hope to accomplish through your line of designs and jewelry?

I wish keep growing the pieces I've created while I exploring the nature around me, and my own nature.

6. I love your Frida pin design! Do you plan to create any more Frida-inspired pins or jewelry pieces, or any other icons?

Yes I'm working on few other icons as well. Let's see :)


7. How did you get involved in selling at The Bowery Bond?

I had come to checkout Bowery, where CBGB movie was shot. I was walking around with my friend and I saw The Bowery Bond and just walked in - I was wearing my Frida pin which started my conversation with Tara, and then it just happened. 

8.  What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

To keep working hard. 

What is the name of the university/college you attended and the year your graduated?

I went to National Institute of Fashion and Technology, Mumbai, India. I graduated in 2015.

11.  How would you describe your line of accessories?

They are an amalgamation of my many interests. It's an artistic adventure of stitching and sketching and creating new art everyday.

"They are

amalgamation of my many interests. It's an artistic adventure..." - Diti

Diti Mistry, pictured above wearing one of her handmade necklaces in Brooklyn, NY - June 2017. Photo: Lauren A. Oosterlinck

I hope you enjoyed familiarizing yourself with Diti, and get to know her work!

XO Lauren

Photos and writing by Lauren A. Oosterlinck and Diti Mistry, 2017.