Neverending Glam Story.

Ok - not never ending, but rather based on one of the best '80s movies ...

Recently, my husband and I went to a summer outdoor film screening in Prospect Park, Brooklyn of one of my favorite movies ever from childhood, The Neverending Story. It was wonderful - the nostalgia, the weather, and shared joy of the movie by fellow fans. I felt inspired to do a themed look based on the dear movie, and thought I'd share the details with you! Watch through until the last couple minutes of my movie so you'll catch a clip of the Childlike Empress herself, an all-grown-up Tami Stronach, introducing the film to us in the park that evening. It's kind of scary how time flies - have fun with the makeup and accessories while you can!

What's on my face?
1. Urban Decay Moondust Palette - color: Galaxy (so appropriate ;))
2. MAC lipstick in Stone (looks more grey IRL)
3. Urban Decay VICE Special Effects Long-Lasting Water Resistant Lip Topcoat in Reverb
What I'm wearing:
1. Headband from the W Store (online only)
2. Necklace by Athinalabella on Etsy
3. Ring by Spell Designs (online or boutique in Australia)

I sure geek out on this film and beauty products! Let me know what you think! I always respond to comments and love to hear from you. 

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XO Lauren


Images and video by Lauren A. Oosterlinck, 2017.

SNEAK PEEK at Hottest Pool in NYC Now. Get In.

The hottest pool to get into this summer in NYC is The Pool (lounge and dining room) within recently opened, The Grill, by dining power team, Major Food Group. Thanks to the generosity of the MFG team, my hubby Ben and his colleague, Eleanor, along with myself, were among the fortunate few able to experience the Pool Lounge before its official opening, tomorrow - July 19th, so I wanted to share it with you. The same legendary Pool Room 2.0, of the former Four Seasons Restaurant space inside of the Seagram Building, is changed ever-so-slightly by decor only, and is now a seafood restaurant by chef and MFG partner, Rich Torrisi.

Eleanor and I, at The Grill entrance dolled-up and giddy to check out this landmark space. Photo by Ben Edwards (please excuse poor image quality due to extremely low-light, etc).

The view as you prepare to enter the glorious Pool. Plant wall goals...

Behold, now we enter The Pool and its Lounge - this is the first time the mezzanine lounge will be used without a private party requirement - oh, how exciting.

Table delicacies.

We tried several crudités and small plates, but many dishes were unavailable by the time of our seating, unfortunately - just means we will have to return soon for dinner! We did enjoy a cocktail or two, and those were gorgeous - inside and out! ;) Below, you'll see (in order of appearance scrolling down) 1st The Cherry cocktail, all 3 of our cocktails together, some crudités paired with adorable seafood-themed dish, The Mango cocktail, The Watermelon cocktail, and my glass of champagne (I was amazed by how thin the stem of that glass was, haha).

The Pool Lounge bar is so striking and elegant. The cocktails are fresh and delightful!

Playing "selfie" in the hallway and bathroom mirrors. Outfit details below.

We stayed late enough to get a shot of the Pool cleared out - hooray!

One of the most luxe, striking bars I've ever seen, within The Grill. The two images below are in the same dining room - the famed dessert trays, in the style of The Four Seasons restaurant.

For a "bourgie," wowza night out, 1950s New York-style, with the MFG flare, I would say GO HERE ASAP. Both The Grill and The Pool are separately accepting reservations now - each with new own new menus. I have an inkling both places are going to be mobbed for reservations for a while, so plan wisely - in advance! Apologies again for the poor image quality in this post - as we were not allowed to shoot with a DSLR during operating hours and the lighting was turned way down low.

What I'm Wearing:

  1. Dress - H&M (last summer)
  2. Heels - Consignment find

Happy eating, drinking, and shopping, my friends!

XO Lauren

All images and video are by Lauren A. Oosterlinck and Ben Edwards, 2017.

Opening Party @The Bowery Bond

Up-and-coming artists from around the globe gathered to celebrate the opening of joint store space, The Bowery Bond, on Thursday, June 22nd. Giant balloons, drinks a-flowin', and beats from DJ Crazy B filled the space, while artists mingled, with their displays of handmade goods.

If I could take anything away from this multi-artist store, I believe it would be this rock'n'roll jacket - so rad!



I heart these clear sunnies. ;)

Don't miss finding a unique piece - whether it be jewelry, art, home decor, or clothing! There is a wild, daring array of inspiring one-of-a-kind items here on Bowery. My husband, Ben, found a hilariously cool series of Ab Fab themed goodies by sweet CherocPopShop.

If your style errs on the adventurous and whimsical spectrum, I would highly recommend checking out the clothing ByRaha. Her items are ethically-sourced handmade luxury items mainly made in Iran. She is a pal and invited us to the party, so I am a tad biased. :)

Fantastic mules! I’d wear ‘em.
— Moi

It's Frida

by Diti Mistry, India.

Pretty things!

Thanks for having us! What I'm wearing: Pants-Tory Burch. Top-LF. Heels-Seychelles. Spider charm-Betsey Johnson. Ben's flamingo top-Asos. XO

All images and writing by Lauren A. Oosterlinck, 2017.