New + Reignited Endeavors.

We all have particular gifts - talents we were born to use. Ever since I can remember I have loved to draw. Not to toot my own horn, but it's always something that has come easily to me - it's one of my God-given talents. I used to challenge myself by figuring out how to draw horses, which were tough. It was so gratifying to set a goal for myself and attain it, especially as a child under the age of 12. Another beloved muse of mine has been to sketch stylish people, which lately I've felt more compelled to do once again. I stopped drawing sometime around my pre-teen years, the desire just drifted away: it wasn't considered "cool," and new priorities took precedent, probably things like make-up and MTV (TRL, anyone?). Neither of those are good excuses for ditching a craft you enjoy, but I was a pre-teen girl, and hindsight is ... well, you know.

My passion for painting developed in college, where I also progressed in developing my drawing craft. Wow, I am glad I took off from where I left off in my adolescence. I learned so many valuable technical aspects of illustration and painting in those college classes. After another brief, more recent hiatus in the artistic realm, I am gratefully recalling those very techniques now. After some Google-ing of various watercolor tutorials I began recently focusing on painting fashion and glamour in that style - painting in acrylic and oil already I know. I've learned that I love to paint using watercolors. Doing my YouTube make-up tutorials has been a fun learning experience, but this painting medium has been a welcome new challenge. 

Painting and illustration are a couple of my passions, whether the medium is watercolor or make-up. Since glamour and style are other loves in my world, it's exciting to incorporate those interests into my art. It may sound obvious, but after much thought and work, I realized it's important to pursue the skills that come naturally to each of us, whether as a hobby or a career. I'm very grateful I have the opportunity to invest time in exploring my path. You too should put thought and effort into the positive things that inspire you. I thought I would share some of my latest illustration and watercolor work in hopes that it motivates your creativity. 

Stay tuned for the latest developments on this front! I hope to start taking commissions soon.

What hobbies might you have had at a different stage of life, that might reinvigorate you now?

I hope to hear you in the comments below!

xo Lauren


©2017 ShesLaurenAshley/All images by Lauren A. Oosterlinck

In-Between (Seasons).

The toughest time to dress is in-between seasons - for me, at least. Dressing in layers is the tactical advice, but not always comfortable, say, if it's chilly when you leave home in the dawn of morning, yet bulky to tote around your warm layers the rest of the day, once the heat has set in. I've found a full skirt and a tee combo to be a stylish, fun (spinning and swooshing in fluffy skirts), comfortable way to dress during the in-between seasons, when the weather is particularly lukewarm.

Skirt swooshing, especially with pockets - good for Spring or Autumn days.



You can accessorize to dress your outfit up or dress it more casually as needed!

What I'm Wearing?

  1. Fender tee - vintage
  2. Necklace - NY & Co. ** Currently having a mega jewelry sale with lots of cute statement necklaces and chokers (as of 9/5/17)
  3. Printed Midi Skirt - Chic Wish
  4. Ankle Booties - Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
  5. Tote Bag - Ted Baker

May your wardrobe be inspired for these lovely, unpredictable months ahead!


Photos and writing by Lauren A. Oosterlinck + Ben Edwards ©2017

Delightfully Denim.

How do you prefer your denim?

Bedazzled. Shredded. Denim on denim. Covered in patches or pins. Dark. Light. Formal.

I go for all of the above, personally - but for this post I'm talking dresses.

It gets hot wearing denim during warm weather, unless it's in some skirt or short variation, especially in New York between the months of April through September. I was craving a denim sundress that wouldn't break the bank. After searching my usual favorite online shops (Nasty Gal, River Island, Modcloth ...) I found this baby on Asos - there's a terrific selection under 100 bucks! Something I particularly enjoy about this dress is that you can wear it belted or un-belted, in the warm and cold months, with a top on underneath.

So, what's your fave way to wear denim in summer? Let me know in the comments! Stay cool in what's left of August!

XO Lauren

What I'm wearing?

Denim sundress from Asos

Collecting My Trots Block Heel Booties from Modcloth

"Crosby" Sunglasses by John Varvatos

Persian cat necklace by Tatty Devine

Y-Strap Bralette from F21 (F21 has some great ones that are a steal, especially for trends :))

Solange Pom Pom earrings by BaubleBar

Rabbit ring from Trash and Vaudeville

"B" Scrabble ring by The Lovely Teaspoon

Talon and pointed jewel rings by Meredith Kahn formerly Made Her Think

Horse chained belt, second-hand from the one-and-only Keiko Lynn

Lips: Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Pigment in Bad Apple (a warm red pigment)

Eyeshadow (mid-tone matte red): Passionate by MAC


Photos by Ben Edwards, 2017.