Ashley is my middle name.

Oosterlinck is my surname - memorable but tricky to spell in a url.

Hi, I’m Lauren!

I started my career journey in the Midwest as a journalism major. After graduation creative opportunities proved scarce in my home city, so I jetted off to the biggest city: New York. I had no job, 1 internship and a lot of clothes. The glittering city lights fade quickly when you live in a glorified closet you can hardly afford. Amiright? 

I took the first job I was offered - working the front desk at a hip hotel in Soho. Three hotel jobs later, I could hear the beckoning to creative once again. Along the way, an opportunity managing studio operations at a small digital agency called AREA 17 presented itself. While working in agency operations, I was exposed to remarkably creative people and projects. By then my call to do creative work was amplified like a megaphone. I first dipped into copywriting as a social media manager. I’ve since expanded my focus to storytelling for brands across print, web and social media.

Here I am, eager to build ideas and diverse brand experiences through captivating copywriting.

Confronted with a creative conundrum? Let’s connect!